The test.

It is a little complicated doctor. I keep getting sick. I never used to get sick. When I was a kid, I only saw the dentist and maybe a doctor if I got hurt playing. But now it’s always a cold or an ache or some infection.

The other doctor said to take the test. I’m here for a second opinion. This is where I came to get patched up and sown back together. I remember the nurses and the sky blue walls. You will tell me what’s wrong. Not that there is anything wrong with the test. Either way, life goes on right?
It’s just, how will I tell my mother? I was always careful, what will I say? So you can see that there is no need. It’s probably a bug, I hear some types of malaria live dormant in the body. And what about a husband, children? Not that I ever wanted either but I do not want to rule them out forever.
I have plans. Stop it doctor. False hope is worse than no hope at all. Do it, just do it. Will it hurt? God I hate needles. Ok. Single line negative, double line positive. Why is it called Elisa?
Is it just my life flashing before my eyes, or is it taking too long? It will be fine. Life goes on. Oh Christ how will I tell my mother?
Is it done? Tell me doctor. How about we make it fun huh? Good news, thumbs up. Bad news, thumbs down. Like ancient Rome.

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