Paving paradise.

I was watching a documentary today on American children taking action against climate change. The first song in the documentary was Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows. I love this song, my mum loved it first.

In all my years of listening to the song and loving it, I had never thought about climate change when I listened to it. I never took it literally. I thought it was symbolic of love lost. Maybe it’s because my mum only listens to love songs.

I get angry at the news. We have CNN, Aljazeera and

BBC so we get to watch the world fall apart in the morning and move on with our relatively peaceful lives in Nairobi.

A few days ago, I saw photos of the Arctic oil rig headed to the Arctic. They are really going to do it. And some day, years from now my heart is going to break all over again when I see a polar bear cub’s fur soaked in black crude. I can’t tell for sure that this is going to happen but I’ve seen the disaster area that is the Niger delta (and that is in beautiful tropical weather), so I’m confident of the odds.

I don’t love Big Yellow Taxi now as much as I did yesterday. I’m glad I actually heard the words.

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