Just don’t do it.

Dreams are for people who can afford them. Thinking of going to school abroad? Your uncle is no longer in the cabinet and the white people are no longer giving money to every skinny black kid they can find.

You want to change the country? Help build a real democracy? Assuming you do not get shot or arrested or worse, you will end up in exile out there while we have to change our names and go into hiding. Is that what you want? Do you want us to go back to the village? We just finished constructing this house. You want to destroy our entire retirement plan.

You have to understand, life is hard here. Go learn, read your books and then get a job. A good job. Maybe one at the U.N. Then you can help us. We need you more than the elephants do. Your brother wants to go abroad too. While you are fighting against the system, where will his fees come from.

It is our curse. I was brave like you. You came out shrieking  and you have not stopped shrieking since. I want you to stand on the tallest building in this city and scream. I want to stand there with you. But life is hard here. Will you put food in your mouth or fight for the words you want to leave it?

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