Maybe it’s just me

This bus ride could not get any worse..or maybe it is just me. I seem to be the only one who is being bothered by the   extraordinarily loud speakers spitting dangerously high levels of what is supposed to be music. These were nonexistent as the bus pulled up at the stage, by the way, I would not have got on otherwise. However, my ears get used to it. The music. And I conclude it really is not that bad. The speakers must be the problem…and yeah, the volume. So I bob my head once in a while.

This darn window won’t open. Maybe if i had gotten in earlier I would have sat near one that is operational. At least the one adjacent to the seat before me is open. Barely, but enough for me to feel the breeze coming through when the driver goes fast. Yes, good enough. I will not put into consideration the overwhelming hot air and sweat around, I presume it is already obvious by now. As if that is not bad enough, there is some inconsiderate individual somewhere at the back who has decided that they will not wait to reach their destination so as to partake of their lunch. So they whip out fries and start chewing on them. Yes, I know what I said, and it is the case. They were CHEWING on the fries, not eating them. I could actually feel the jaws come down rather strong on the contents in the mouth…and the holding of the breath when swallowing took place. Great. Just, great.

A man on the seat adjacent to mine is playing Candy Crush. From the looks of his shirt he could be a salesman. Not the cheque kind, but the ones that walk around selling kitchen utensils at a rather throwaway price. His shoe also betrays the struggles of walking up and down river road -you do not get that much mud when walking uptown during the rainy season. However, clearly he is doing well enough for himself to be able to sit back and play Candy Crush after a day’s work…or is it walk?

The conductor starts collecting fare. Another bit I hate. However, I never underestimate the rather entertaining scenes that take place. Today I have the pleasure of witnessing on such umm, call it incident-per se. The lady one seat ahead hands him a twenty shilling coin. It’s not enough, he says. But, but, I was told to pay 20 bob, she retorts. He shakes his head and goes ahead to collect from the other people and for a moment there I thought she had gotten away with it…not quite. He comes back. Your money, madam or you alight at the next stage, he says; now visibly irritated…Why nobody seems to pay attention is beyond me…

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