Self promotion and other things I should be ashamed of.

The horrors of childhood don’t really become apparent until you are old enough to understand just how horrific they are. In Kenya children are caned in schools. It’s something that’s expected, it happens everywhere, all the time.

I was caned. Almost on a daily basis. I was constantly afraid, powerless and too ashamed of my apparent ‘softness’ to complain to my parents. We fought not to cry, even when it was hard to sit. We didn’t know that the teachers were doing the wrong thing.

Some teachers are looking to discipline. Some even want to help the students. But not all of them. The Kenyan school system is harbouring pedophiles and sadists. Children are being sexually and physically abused by teachers and other school staff.

This has to end. Help me do this.

sign here and help me protect my country’s children.

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