Everyone else’s champion. No pats on the back, not from the hands that mattered. She walks through life like a ghost in transition. Still there, still real. But if she does not shout and scream every once in a while. She might disappear in the background. It scared her sometimes. That they were happier when she was not there.

She would not be missed. If she was gone, life would simply move on. There would be no more heated discussions.

She stays, for now at least. Because she is also her own champion. If no one pats her own the back, she will. And if she keeps going for long enough, they will have to admit that she is good.

She will march to the beat of her own drum, scream on the inside that she can do it. She will be exactly who she is and if they can’t take her it’s fine. She won’t be around for long enough anyway.

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