For Trying…

That I could try to have you;

more so without having to fight

Of your fingers that seem to fit

oh, so well when with mine

Your eyes that see me;

not for who I am, but for the better being

the one I could become

Of how you lead me down a path

and tie me down with your heart

My missing puzzle Piece

my perfect fit.

Of how I ever see my life so empty,

but now-

but now I have you.

And I see how you entered

and rendered it meaningful

And now I sit here

I dread and shudder at the mere thought

Of waking up, opening my eyes to your absence

Your absence that would my heart rip out

a nullification of what we had

-could have.

For trying to fill up the emptiness,
for trying to be your puzzle piece.
For trying to conjure up your existence…

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