That 20

That 20 that does not want to bee seen, but yearns recognition. That which still has a lifetime ahead. That which sees every text as an opportunity, the taller the better. That 20 which links abs to the Holy Grail, with muscles to boot. It’s now or maybe never, so definitely NOW. That 20 that only sees 30…nobody has time for another 20; #equalityforwho. Cold, hard liquor with a touch of high- these are in the list of 20’s favorite things. The high. The high for that 20 is like nothing experienced in this life. That 20 put the high in high life. That 20.

That 20 that everyone has experienced. That 20 that everyone has something to say about. long stories, all of them. Most sad…pathetic…few might be inspiring, but all were in that 20. It comes and goes, and boy does it go. Even faster than it came, that 20 was not here to stay. You should have known that. They should have told you that. That 20 is but a wisp of passing cloud. But they didn’t. Now look at you. look at yourself. Everyone’s familiarity complex becomes you. Everyone. It will be hard. They all see you and refer to dark tales of -maybe another 20…twenty-something…? But you know it was not like that. it was not. No one will listen though, it was that 20, after all.

That 20 that took from you whatever hope you had of finding “the one”- for the few naive enough to believe in that hogwash. Cause you were busy focused in THEN, not now. That 20 stole your dream from you. Now you have none, you just watched it ebbing away. Smile and pretend like it never mattered in the first place, maybe THEN you will be able to survive, look alive…thank heaves you went through that 20 and came out- however so barely.

That 20.

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