The Lounge.

Blessed silence met her in the hospital lounge. It was 3 o’clock in the morning. The people in the lounge were not waiting to see their co-worker who had broken her leg. There were no flowers or get well soon cards in their hands. Other than her, there were three other people in the lounge.
A young man who could not be past 19. He did not look up from his sneakers when she walked in. An Indian woman attempted a half smile and the old man furthest away from the door shivered as though the light from the corridor hurt him.
They sat there waiting. It did not matter what brought them there. Whatever it was, the end results were the same. The tears came down in floods when they had first heard it from the compassionate but firm doctors. Now all could do was stare endlessly at the sky blue walls of the lounge and wait for the end.

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