Epiphany…not so much.

Sarah sat on the pavement. Confusion and denial wrapped around her like a blanket. The conversations she had had over the past few weeks came back to her in frames and soundbites.
One after the other.
Were sorry
just not for us
all the best
Talent..well written, but…

She remembered the attempts to change their minds. How they looked at her with a mix of pity and thinly veiled amusement. How she started to hold back sobs and stopped herself from begging.
It had not worked. She gathered up the last shreds of her dignity and left. She did not go too far. She barely made it out of the building. She refused to process what it meant.
They would not stop her. But how could she think that when they were the only ones that could get her started.
Was it time to put on her big girl panties and get a real job. One that took place outside of her mother’s house.Sarah folded her legs until her knees touched her nose. She did not rock back and forth. There was still some pride left in her.
Someone dropped a coin by her. She stood up then. Walking with a shaky but determined gait. It did not matter. She knew what she was, and they would know soon too.

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