Politics and wedding music.

noun: non-issue
  1. a topic of little or no importance.
I’m not sure where I stand on the sexual orientation spectrum or lie or whatever. (see my problem) But I know where I want to stand, lie, or whatever. I’m 20, female, and Kenyan. I want to be straight as an arrow. Not really though, the people that matter will love me no matter where I fall, lie or who I bend over for (too far?). But it’s complicated.
I like wedding music. If gay people want to be together and get married in my country. I want to dance at the reception. But they are a non issue, why would anyone make music for them?
My president told the American president that. He makes declarations like that all the time. Not an excuse. This man made an oath to me and those that are like me. Crooked arrows. Law abiding citizens whose right to liberty is protected by the constitution. We are a non issue now because he needs American money. Tomorrow we will be centre stage, a taboo distraction from his most recent fuck up.
This country that loves wedding songs might never hear one at a wedding between two women. Democracy is a thing we put on in the morning and take off at night.

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