A call to arms

If getting dressed feels like putting on armor,

and if leaving the house feels like going to war.

If raising your hand feels like snitching,

and making a point feels like preaching to the soulless.

If a social life seems as beautiful as a Hubble photo of a dying star,

and just as distant.

If cat calls claw at you,

leaving your insides raw and bruised.

If flattery flies over your head.

If there is a scream trapped in your throat,

if a fake laugh makes you smile,

and trend-induced outrage makes you laugh.

If it feels like you have a bite sized hole in your heart,

like someone took a chunk out.

Then take a breath,

you are a impossible to ignore but go unseen,

you are a firefly on the walls of a tunnel,

a ripple on a still lake.

You are the truth.

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