Saving yourself.

Mother don’t hate me. The womb that carries heroes also carries thieves and mad men,

Juda Pesa

Striving for the wind.

Wonder how someone can be so sad that they don’t want to live anymore.

Ask why people lose their minds and stab complete strangers.

Laugh when people say money can’t buy happiness.

Know that you’ve been on the verge of that black hole.

No light in. No light out.

Wanted to hurt people, even the ones you love.

Wanted things, like a different father.

But you can’t face any of these truths so you sit there.

Scribbling, hoping you’ll stumble into an epiphany.

Stuff yourself with food because you can’t drink.

Your father drinks.

Balance the guilt and penchant for self destruction with all the finesse of a headless chicken.

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