Out of a dark place

When I was about 15, my older brother invited me to use his computer when he was not around. He knew I needed sanctuary. So I watched pirated movies and played Linkin’s Park numb so many times, my cat knew the words.

I discovered the relapse CD by accident, it was jumbled in with a bunch of series. It replaced numb, and was the soundtrack to my sixteenth birthday. Other Eminem albums came later. I had nothing in common with this person, I was a teenager in Kenya for Chrisake.

I could relate. The anger jumped right off the speakers and into me. Kids do not tall back where I’m from, I don’t mean it’s not allowed. I mean you do not talk back. I have never, in my life, met someone who talked back to their parents. We don’t know where those children go, but they don’t stick around.

And he was a poet. Eminem was part of what led me here. I know its not the New York bestseller list but I needed an outlet and he helped me find one.

I need to wrap this up. It feels like I’m coming out the other side of that tunnel. And I suppose that I am paying respect to the playlists that muffled the screams and gave me a little light.

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