The jackpot

I wonder what’s wrong, were some of us just mistakes. Were we an experiment to see just how fucked up we could possibly get. As though the genetic code is the lottery and every once in a while someone hits the jackpot…intellectual, athletic, musical or breathtaking facial symmetry. Then there’s those who get the very short end of the stick and get sick, they usually don’t make it.

Most of us are the almosts, we’re kinda smart, sorta athletic, we can hold a note if we try and we’re not bad to look at. So we didn’t exactly lose anything in the lottery, we almost won. We could be the best and some of us get there, we lose the almost. And we do it through delusion and hard work, we work harder than everyone else. If they work hard enough and convince themselves that they are not an almost…they may appear to have hit the jack pot. Of course, they will not be a legend or win any real awards but they will be remembered. And no one will ever know how much work they had to put in, the sleepless nights plagued by the doubts and the ultimate cost of refusing to be an almost but knowing you didn’t hit the jackpot.

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