Get in the ambulance

This was going to be so good. Six weeks ago, Liza had done what she had been planning to do for close to a decade. She had started running. She had given up carbs, meat, and skittles. For all intents and purposes she was a raw vegan. It made her sick.
There was no holistic, health reason. Lisa wanted to lose weight because she wanted to prove a point. That’s right, the only thing more important than chocolate was her pride. Over the years, Liza had got used to the names and bullies. She shook them off.
Then the annual school 20k run came. It was a fundraiser for the scholarship fund and Liza was happy to walk all the way. At the 10k mark, Liza was distracted by her ice cream cone so she tripped and fell. She started to get up, it took her a while, gravity always wanted to win with her.
Palms bleeding and clean white t-shirt muddy from dirt and vanilla ice cream, Liza stood and tried to pat herself down. A crowd of Samaritans formed around her. They were sorry, offered her water, and patted the dust away. Liza was gracious enough, even though strangers were touching her.
Then the ambulance was stopped. She was strongly urged to get in. The EMT nodded his head with a sympathetic smile on his face. She heard the words, heart attack, in your condition, no one is forcing you to finish.
Liza had lost 30 kgs in six weeks. The running was the best, anger was a real motivator. No one would ever recommend that she get in an ambulance to avoid a heart attack again.

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