Soul mates

When people are uncomfortable they send all kinds of signals. They fidget and squirm, they smile to disarm you, or they pretend to take phone calls so they can walk away. I have a Mr Hyde effect, people are repulsed by me and they do not know why. It is instinct. I think I throw off a wolf in sheep’s clothing vibe.
So I am sitting at my usual breakfast cafe waiting for my coffee. I take it black, one sugar… there are no smiles for me from the waitress who has a kind word for everyone. In the morning rush, not a single member of the 9-5 herd asks to share my booth. Babies cry when I make eye contact.
The waitress brings me my coffee. It comes with a donut, compliments of the gentleman in the grey suit. He smiles and leaves the coffee shop. His number is on the napkin. He must not feel it. He could be a real life innocent, blissful in his ignorance. Or he could be a sociopath, only mimicking, so he would not know to have the standard Mr Hyde reaction. Like me.

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