Good sister

“Ok boys, game time in 20. Everyone partner up with your family member.” Nick the scout leader said.
Ben craned his neck towards the entrance of the paint ball arena. He saw the other boys in his troop join their teams and take their flags. Most of them had brought their brothers, uncles, and fathers. James was with his older brother, star rugby player of the local club.

His aunt squeezed his shoulder and smiled at him. He did not need it, Clio had never broken any promises.
Ben took inventory of what he needed for the mission. His inhaler, bug spray, sugar water in case of dehydration, and sun block. He was the smallest, palest, most accident prone kid in his troop. Which was probably why James was making his way to him right now.
“One last flag Ben, Nick just told me he won’t be delaying the game so…”
“Don’t worry, she’s coming.” Ben said.
“She? Is your grandmother going to be your partner?” James said.
Today was going to be a good day. Even James and his enormous brother could not change that. He heard his grandfather’s truck before he saw it. It sounded like an earthquake was coming. The rusty pickup truck rumbled into the entrance and Clio jumped out. She was still in her fatigues.
Ben ran and hugged her.
“Oh my God Ben, look how big you’ve gotten. I’ve missed you so much.” Clio said.
“I missed you too. We’re almost starting.” Ben said.
“Oh right, lets kick some 9 year old ass. And the potbellied idiots they brought.” Clio said.
Ben took a purple flag from Nick as Clio loaded up her gun.
“James, this is Clio. My sister, an army sniper. Good luck out there.” Ben said.

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