It’s a circus

All the giving and the taking,

all this wanting and having…and more taking.

And the freak show is not one at all,

because the freaks are not in it.

Spotlight on normal,

with just enough quirk,

and way less freak.

The open air sluts have been sidelined,

the living room princess, boudoir sluts take the stage.

And the double jointed, sword swallowing, clowning freaks are understudies.

They know all the lines,

are just as good at slapping on a smile.

But no 15 seconds for them.

Their freaky is on the inside,

can’t have that.

So there’s the belle of the ball,

and a leading man,

and they can’t do no wrong.

Keeping everyone entertained…like the sun.

And it’s a good thing too,

cause you don’t look directly at the sun,

which comes in handy when the it couple needs replacement.

The freaks in the background,

on the lights,

making sure the train runs on time,

keeping the pretties from killing each other.

And saving the world in the process,
Or at least making it worth saving.

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