They took different paths. Juliette never found her Romeo. That is what she got for walking around with a name like Juliette. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. They came, there were many, or so it seemed to her.
Some of them loved. Some tried to. Many of them were fun. Others were too much like her father. None of them ended well. One said she was a woman impossible to be with, like a star, burned too bright. Juliette did not mind. Chasing fairy tales was never part of her plan. And she did have her plan.
The plan. Juliette would take a sizable chunk of the known universe and make it her own. She was not simply treading on the unbeaten path, she was knocking on the gates of Mordor. All that stood in her way, and in the end they all did, had to go.
They went on to happiness. The invitations always came. Juliette was not sure why she was included. Why would they think she wanted to go? And she did not. They were gloating. She was sure of it. They were content, on their way to fat, upper middle class boredom and she was still pulling all-nighters with her head in the sky.
Juliette did not think herself bitter. But every time she got an e-vite or one of those dancing it’s a girl emails, she could not help the bile rising in her throat. The anger at the condescension. The day was coming though. Sitting in their couches, fat and content, I used to know that girl. I guess she made it after all.

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