Places I’d rather be…

With you. But that means nothing doesn’t it? I’ve never been with you, can’t be that.
Away from here. Can’t imagine that any other place would be better but there you go.
Paris. There has been enough love and lovers there for some to rub off on me.
Someplace dramatic, like Tibet. Aren’t you most alive closest to death? I bet a sheer snow packed cliff would bring me a little life.
A beach. I like water. The ocean is all the water there has ever been.
With you. So what if I’ve never been. It would be good.
Someplace no one knows me. Then I can be exactly who I am.
Vegas, Amsterdam, Ibiza… Where music wraps around you like a safety blanket. Swallows you whole. Isn’t that the most amazing feeling?
Venice. The roads are water. I like pasta. I feel like they might be nice people. And love too, a lot of love there.
With you.

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