One last time

I only do things when I absolutely have to. If it can be done tomorrow, it will be done tomorrow. I will wake up at 5 in the morning to make a line on the last day as long as I do not have to do it today.
I am lazy. No not like that. I am lazy as a rebellion. The day I was relieved of adult supervision was the day I chose to do only that which needs to be done. I like the mess. I like the sauce stains. And I really love the pile of dishes. Because I have not met an adult who can stand a pile of dishes.
I don’t like it all the time. Especially if bugs get involved. Or when I end up in line with chatty Cathy. But you know what keeps me going…what keeps me the sad evolutionary dud that I am? It is the knowledge that that bitch principal would walk in here and have a heart attack.

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