The Immigration crisis

immigration crisis

Just moved into Shitville, Blogstreet and its pretty much the small town cliché I expected it to be; sober drivers causing accidents, religious people running around unchecked and kind ass-wipes offering to help us unpack. Mum never told me the real reason why we had to leave other than Trump running for presidency. Funny thing is we didn’t even live in Ameriville. She still tells me she bought me at a grocery store (on sale) whenever I inquire on my father’s whereabouts, so no trusting her.

It was hard getting a new high school in the area, because I’m an immigrant, young, male, radical atheist and I love chicken. I thought that discrimination bull only happened in “the land of the free”. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get shot and get a custom made trend on twitter just for me. I also hope my new high school will be equally as bad as the last one. I learnt from life and watching CNN that if you wish for something to get better, it gets worse, and if you wish for shit to get worse it gets worse. So you’re better of wishing it plains out. In figures it’s a much more complex algorithm.

I know God is real and jolly humorous because I just got a fresh layer of acne-boil size- three days before my first day at Shitville high school. Oh! Plus the recurring misfortune of having my last name as Ball. I hope my new classmates will be just as creative as the former who cleverly composed the nickname “Balls”. They were a smart bunch those kids. Looking forward to meeting the principal Miss Hill Clinton, probably widowed.

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