Polite society

This was the ultimate conundrum. Go round the old couple, tap the old couple on the shoulder, or wait for the old couple to turn a corner while walking so slow you can feel the earth move.

He walked a little slower, started to tell the old guy to excuse him but could not fight past the awkwardness. He was trapped, there was no corner or distraction in sight. Where was a knitting convention when you needed one?

He resigned himself to the slow crawl and took out his phone to check his email. In his third round of fruit ninja, he looked up to see that the couple had advanced a little ahead of him. They looked happy. Holding hands and stealing little glances at each other. They walked like they had all the time in the world. And where was he in such a hurry to go anyway?

A man rushed past him. He swerved left and then right in an effort to get past the couple. His annoyance was almost visible. With a loud huff, and what looked from behind like an actual puff, he squeezed-really elbowed between the couple and went marching forward.

They were a little shaken. The man started to say something but his wife stopped him. She reached for his hand, and they started walking again.

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