Trying to earn a living as a writer…of any kind.

Shopping for furniture is a lot like starting a new relationship. The store is a bar and you have to pick through what is on offer and make a choice. It is a big commitment. A dining set will probably outlast most of your relationships.
Will it be classic wood or Avant-garde wrought iron? Warm mahogany, solid oak, bamboo? The perfect piece will be a friend. A good couch will later mould into the familiar curves of your body. A proper coffee table will centre the room.
The Palace will have all your options. It is the perfect place to spend a day agonizing over which couch will be ok to binge watch TV on all day and then set the stage for a post-date seduction. It has something for all types, from the minimalist to the brick-a-brack enthusiast.
The jewels of the palace are the bed frames. The four poster beds will make a googly eyed princess out of a hell’s angel. In intricate wrought iron and honey glazed wood…the selection is one of a kind and worth every second of sleep. You might never get up again.
The best furniture will become a part of you. It will get stained and worn in the best way. It will carry memories and parts of you. In the end the best furniture will create a haven for you; a place of safety and comfort. A home.

Shoot me, shoot me now.

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