Murder at Shitville High


Warning:The following story is highly graphic and very suitable for small kids above the age of 18 light years

Barac: Is he dead?!

Lindsey: No he’s just humping the floor in a pool of blood. Of course he’s dead!

Whole Milk: I think am gonna be sick!

Me: Stop fucking eating then. We have a dead body in the biology lab for shit’s sake.

Oprah: Oh! Mr Luther’s gonna be mad when he sees this.

Shanique: Lindsey, give him mouth-to-mouth. You’re used to that, right?

Lindsey: Shove it up your…

Hillary: Who stabbed him?

Shanique: Probably some white bastard.(silence) What! You’re all thinking it!

Hillary: Or John, the black kid! He cray too.

John: For the shitieth time, “the black kid” is not part of my name.

Hillary: But you got blood on your shirt and you’re holding a scalpel.

Shanique: Who appointed you Shitlock Holmes?

Hillary: That has nothing to do with this!

Me: Maybe it’s Ms. Trump. She never liked him.

(Whole class agrees).

Oprah: We have to stash the body before Mr.Luther comes. If only there was a tv show to tell us how to get away with murder?

(long pause)

Lindsey: Guys, it’s just a dead black lab rat. We were gonna dissect it anyway!

John: Black lives matter bro!



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