Blackish in Africa

If you think Catholic nuns are sadistic, anal retentive banshees wherever you are from, you need to get out more. Nima’s had a name that started with a V. Every time Nima messed up the stress on a particular word, a thin piece of hardwood slashed across her knuckles.

Nima was released from her vernacular. She broke away from V the tyrant in white after a while and some of the lessons eroded but the biggest one never left. In Nima, was deep shame at the accents that were all around her.

The English language was a temple to be worshiped at but all around her were blasphemers. Guilt and shame at the way her father said often with a t and that she was disgusted by it in some way plagued her childhood.

Then they got pay tv and some beautiful twist of fate led her to the TLC channel. Honey Booboo was at the peak of her fame and Nima could hardly believe it. At least she knew what her dad was saying when he said it.


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