On a beach, at the end of the world

The last couple on earth sat on a beach in what used to be the Kenyan coast. They know they are alone. They know that they are the last two of human kind. Even though they have no way of knowing, even though every revolutionary instinct in them demands that they be wrong, they know.

The cities behind them are ablaze. The greatest age humanity has ever seen is over. They feel the weight of it on their shoulders.

They want to die. Both of them think it but dare not say it, not yet. There are no more, doctors, engineers, farmers. They will die anyway, might as well wade into the sea and be done with it. And they owe the dead nothing. It was their marching into war that caused this anyway.

He holds her hand, all they have in the world is each other. And they know that they cannot walk into the radioactive water, just as they know that they are alone.

They will live. Because they are human dammit!

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