Late night text

I don’t want you anymore that I did yesterday, this desperation is not new and it is not for you. The dull ache is the same low throb that it was a week ago. All you are is the last tangible memory. I don’t want you, I want…
I want to have never met you. I want to exist in a world where our interaction never happened. This is not for you. Any late night phone calls are not because I was obsessing over you. The texts are only because I want an acknowledgment of my existence. I want someone to remember that I am there. That I deserve a ‘hey how are you?’ even if I have to reach in and grab it for myself.
This is not for you. Your face is just the one that my brain chose.
You are all the people that have fallen short again and again. I want to talk to you tonight because this time I’m hoping you’ll get it right.

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