Don’t wake the Americans!!


Its 10:45am in Nairobi and 2032AD in Shanghai and Sidney. Americans are snoring and dreaming of sloppy Joe’s and spongebob. The rest of the world knows this. So every “american night” we sneak out of our third world sheep skins and roam their streets like boxtrolls. We party like Gatsby and make fat jokes about them on their Facebook pages and trend blonde jokes on twitter. The skinny dying African kids transform into their true selves; anorexic hobbits- and bash like the little women of Atlanta. They drink eat and regurgitate in preparation for the next day’s photoshoots for charity organisation. We rule the world. The sets are set up for the dirty dilapidated streets and the African grass sprayed a fresh desert brown paint. Its the only way to get money from the Yankees. Yes, we actually are not poor. Not even the Indians. But this secret is about to be exposed. One American knows our fakery. That’s why we must do everything possible to avoid Donald Trump winning the race. Shit! They are waking up! 
(Reminder: Delete all anti-american Facebook posts and tweets)

No offence to anyone offended

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