Honey (this is what a writing sample means to me or how I do not care enough to try)

All good things take work. Well… not all good things. Some things you just have, high cheekbones, wide shoulders, a killer sense of humor. So most good things, most good things take work.

Think of honey… Honey is the sun kissed food of the gods. The golden syrup that gave old heroes the strength to beat down the gates of hell. Honey has to be fought for. Bees must be fought. And do not forget that they slave away waiting for the right moment in the flowering season and then have to fight the silly human while being blasted by smoke. Once the honey is in hand, it is trapped in a boxy mess of wax and dead warrior bees. The gods would not touch this with a ten foot lightning rod.

It has to be dipped in hot water. The mess is filtered and drips in long tendrils of golden sweetness tinted with the seasonal hew of the flowers in bloom. After days and nights of dipping and sieving, the wild honey is ready for market. African (killer) bees get a lot of flack about swarming and attacking people but when they turn nectar into sweet, sweet honey, they do it right.

The work we do may not change the world but it changes us and there is not a single human being on the planet who would not benefit from an honest day’s work. As the curse that unites us all, we might as well do what we want. If you are not going to have a job, you might as well not have the job that you want. Rather be a failed video game developer than a lab assistant.

Even though work for most of us means early mornings, low pay, and bad bosses, the work counts. It is called paying your dues. We are all on the march, and we do not really know where we are going, but we all love something. And that blinding passion is worth working for.

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