America the Great


I live in Nairobi. When elections come, ballots open, and we walk into the booths, we are only thinking of ourselves. The elections in Kenya, more often than not only matter to Kenyans. The American elections matter to everyone, every single person on the planet. The U.S.A is big brother and the person in charge is, for the small guys, omnipotent.

The decisions and defiance of a few men in the early 2000s decided the fate of the Middle East. Could they have seen ISIS coming? We don’t know, but big brother sees all. Half a continent burns, people die by the hundreds everyday. Their outrage at this means nothing. Peace and war are out of their hands. They tried and failed to wrest freedom from the arms of a tyrant and now they are little more than a chew toy for two alpha males.

The American army has devastated many a nation. It cannot be stopped, it has no equal, and its aims have nothing to do with us. We can only hope that the man or woman deploying boots on the ground is aware that all lives matter. That he or she does not think human error or collateral damage is acceptable on the battle field. That when the war machine comes, and it always comes, it knows that the right to life and justice are not confined within Western borders.

This man who screams about war and nuclear bombs like there are no lives where they will drop could be president. Donald Trump has a chance. America’s shore glitters like shards of glass in the sunlight from where we stand. Will it glitter still when Lady Liberty is trapped inside stone walls?

Africa is just coming out of a long drought. We are finally shaking off the CIA coups, the military coups, the economic dependency, the foreign funded wars. Will Trump march into Somalia? Will we see new puppet governments in Libya, Egypt, South Sudan? Can you see him condemning the new brutish autocrat?

America is not like Europe we thought. They did not colonize us and cannot harbor the old-hangups and condescension- white man’s burden and what have you. They have been through the struggle and emerged stronger, better, truly free.

We cannot believe this USA. The people we know are loud, annoying, rude, have no sense of tradition or culture but they are good, they laugh at the darkness, they are free and want the same for others. Americans make us brave. This hateful, racist, misogyny must be a lie. Or was the other the illusion, an image peddled to us by Hollywood. Is this really how they feel about the rest of us? Are we to be forever dominated by the economic giant? We do not want America to be great again. The price for America the Great is bought in the blood of those too weak to get away from the tanks and the drones.


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