Scribbles and rants

*Every once in a while, I take a moment (usually when I should be doing something urgent and important) to look through my trusty notebook and see what unedited gems I came up with when I wasn’t paying attention to whatever was happening around me. An earlier post can be read here Scribbles and rants.


Flashing lights, speed boats, fast cars, long nights. Ibiza, Amsterdam, Vegas baby! Mexico. Sing, dance, grab a taco.

Oh shoot. Do I look like a Joan?

For what? For why? Beat Paris. The things govt says.

There are three things, alcohol…vodka, breakdown. The nervous kind, speed, pain, fatigue. The first a cliche, the next too time consuming, the third is perfect. Literally outrun the demons. Take it as far as is sensible, then that bit farther. Passed out cold isn’t good for nightmares.

Crack a chest open so the sun rises East. Could have waited a day, see what happens, but heaven doesn’t gamble.

This is why you will not win

There must be something in the water. Doesn’t it feel like a good day to be loved? I don’t want to gross anyone out but it does, doesn’t it? Like today is that day. You’ve had other almost ‘that days’ but today feels good, it feels right. You are going to walk out that door and be ambushed by goodness. And how will you know it? Only after you’ve felt it. Love is hard but it’s coming today. The stars are aligned.

The dead are mine. Men are children.

Anarchy: Because humans are selfish, and I should get a man.

You beg for an argument you cannot sustain.

Shoot me, shoot me right now.


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