Like you


There is a word for people like you.

Those who cannot sit and stew,

those who mumble in quiet spaces.

The arrogance that wafts around you,

the stench of desperation.

It escapes me now.

What the knock-off-suit-wearing-gold-tooth-having-thinly-veiled-misoginy-spewing-creatures are called.

The type to replace you drink with something sweet and flowery.

I’ve seen pets bigger than your car.

To be clear this is not about money,

it is also about height, weight, skin colour,

walk, talk, connections, eloquence, depth,

posture, pedigree…

It is also not about you,

just what you represent.

The world is a hierarchy,

some can move up or down.

Not everyone gets an upgrade,

just the young, ambitious, shallow, selfish,

amoral, ruthless… like they would win the Iron Throne ruthless,

and jaded.

Sitting at a bar,

with a drink paid for,

and the night ruined.

Pity rolls off me like oil,

maybe that is the word,


No, you like this too much for that.

You grin like you’re not what is scraped off the bottom of the barrel,

like you believe you have a chance,

like you are in the league let alone playing the same sport.

Like you are not on the sidelines watching as the gladiators fight the lions.

There is a word for people like you.


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