Sins we left behind

Home smells of in-season flowers, stinks of guilt and unspoken condemnation. The sea parts, but she is no Moses. Mother finds a boy in the corner. Will she remember me? No. Even after all we had? Especially after all you had, and all you lost.

The heart wants

And the straw man said, give me a heart Mr. Wizard. He must have thought, brave of heart, wondered about heart string, the beat, faster for the very bad and very good. The blood rushing. He never thought of a heart that breaks. The agony wrought by it. A heart to love, hearts can bleed, … More The heart wants

Would not dare

Decision. At every phase. Forensic scientist. Hermione Granger. Journalist. Lawyer. Luna Lovegood. Actor. Something, Anything, really just move out. Better behaved. Better understood. More than observer. Less than odd. Secret keeper, Order of the Phoenix. Dancer, Runner, Lover, Hobbit. Seen, Heard, Felt.

Will you?

Will you believe me? Will you recognize me in the words, see my anguish between the lines? Will you cry where I cried? Will you see them as clearly as I did? Will you love them as much as I do? Can you imagine the world that I am trying create? Is there a chance … More Will you?