Helena was walking to her dorm as fast as she could without running. Her breath came in short bursts because of the lump in her throat, all the words that she had been desperate to scream earlier were clawing at it. She was so angry she felt it in every part of her body. Her … More Helena

Nerve damage: part 4

The evening news announced that General Mutela’s wife had been kidnapped and the national hero Mrs. Faustina Nyanga was also being searched for. On their second night alone, George left to run an errand for Faustina. She needed to know where the general was and it wasn’t safe for her to be outside. With George … More Nerve damage: part 4


She remembers a time when she was happy. Those memories mock her. They laughed at the cynical hollow thing that she had become. They came to her every morning when she passed the sun dresses and colourful scarfs for the black hoodie that hid her face. And every night when she stayed in and ignored … More Resolution