Chronicling the fall

The thing about empires is they fall. Because the hierarchy thins at the top. And the bile at the bottom will rise and corrode the top. The many outanger the few. Can you count the black, brown, and the red? It may take generations. Is there a thought that we will strip again and endure … More Chronicling the fall

Far, far away

I’m a few hours ahead so I won’t know until Wednesday. It goes one way and that’s fine, the same economic exploitation and foreign aid laced with rohypnol. It goes the other way… Well, we had a good run and here at the end of all things, I’m glad to be an ocean away.

Like you

There is a word for people like you. Those who cannot sit and stew, those who mumble in quiet spaces. The arrogance that wafts around you, the stench of desperation. It escapes me now. What the knock-off-suit-wearing-gold-tooth-having-thinly-veiled-misoginy-spewing-creatures are called. The type to replace you drink with something sweet and flowery. I’ve seen pets bigger than … More Like you


Forgiveness, redemption, the strike though, and shall we begin again. If I never ask, and only give. This confession. And take nothing. I am sorry. Refuse to petition, and never seek penance. Because I begrudge you your release. I would rather these sins shackle me, as long as yours cage you as well.


If these aged walls could talk, well… they would speak Latin. I’m leaning out of an open window staring down at the canals and watching the lights come on as night sets in. By my hand is a potted plant, diligently watered but on it’s last legs. It is old like everything else in the … More Venezia