Scribbles and rants

*Every once in a while, I take a moment (usually when I should be doing something urgent and important) to look through my trusty notebook and see what unedited gems I came up with when I wasn’t paying attention to whatever was happening around me. An earlier post can be read here Scribbles and rants. … More Scribbles and rants

Late night pains

It is one am in the morning and dead quiet in my stuffy little room. Tonight is the night, the plot must move on and there can be no more excuses. The laptop sits on my thighs which are covered by a duvet. In that last sentence lies the problem, I blushed at writing thighs. … More Late night pains

When I’m famous

I love dark romances. Not because when most responsible heterosexual women who happen to be responsible adults go ‘ugh, he has a neck tattoo’, I go ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph he has a neck tattoo’, no. I like the dark romances because the climactic heart-breaks are horrific. When a criminal or biker or werewolf or … More When I’m famous